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Zenfone 9 randomly restarts almost every night (since around a month ago)

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As per title, my ZenFone 9 since a few months ago has randomly started restarting at night. The issue has become more and more frequent, to the point that now it restarts literally every night.

At nighttime I usually have it fast charging (with max charge set at 90%), with WiFi on (max signal) and Do Not Disturb mode that automatically disables itself at a time that i can pick when I enable it.

The random reboot also happened sometimes at daytime too, always while it was idle and charging.

I'm going crazy because I don't use the default alarm app (I need to use one with obstacles enabled in order to not fall asleep again), so when the phone randomly restarts while I'm asleep, my alarm doesn't ring. This has created me multiple problems where I missed important appointments because of the alarm not activating due to the random reboots (I have to enter my phone's pin at startup, so until I do that of course the alarm app wouldn't ring).

I already saw that it's an issue reported in another closed thread , so I already did the collect-log-through-the-calculator-thing. If anyone of the support team would kindly reply, I already have the log file ready to send.

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I hope they can help you soon. 

Try not to leave your phone charging overnight. Charge it to the maximum before sleeping, unplug it and in the morning charge the little bit that has discharged you. 

There are modes that are automatically set at night, such as programmed power saving. You may have apps that conflict with this.

I once had a reboot on Android 12, but I didn't report it. Now I'm on the Android 14 beta and it's still normal. Maybe it's because of a specific bug so rule out situations, such as having it plugged in all night (original charger?). 

I have not installed new apps so I find it hard to imagine that one of them might conflict with it (especially because I do not have any battery optimization apps, and I never use automatic nighttime modes in apps because I do not have a fixed time when I fall asleep, it varies from day to day), the issue started appearing after a system update. I use the original charger, and I've been using the same cable since forever.

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To add more info: now it literally happens every night, while I'm asleep. Doesn't matter at which time I go to sleep.

I enable DND mode and set it to get automatically disabled at 8:30 am, when my alarm is supposed to ring. Then I put my phone (while charging) on the nightstand, and I go to sleep. I wake up in the morning, and I find it already restarted, asking me for my SIM's pin. The alarm never rings, because the phone is still at the PIN screen.

Tomorrow I'll try by not setting any alarm since I have no appointments, but I doubt that the issue is that one.

I have also collected another log by turning it on before going to sleep. If only anyone of the Asus helping team would reply here... Or if anyone can at least tell me which file of the log should show the reason for the restart...

Hey @crowles,

You can share the log with me via PM.