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Asus ZenFone 9 weird brightness

Star I

Hi everyone,

I wanted to know what i'm encountering with my ZenFone 9.

As you Can see below i have light problems on my phone. Did i activated something ?

My english is very Bad, i'm so sort i don't know how to explain that.


Thank you

Picture 1 light is clear




Picture 2 light is darkScreenshot_20230112-224416_ASUS_Launcher.jpg


Star II

I think have a similar problem, i even opened a topic here.

When swipe up on the app drawer many times it's as if the screen dims by itself, just swipe again and it normalizes.

This happened in 2 units that I had, it could be something in the launcher, because when I tested another one don't remember it happening

Star III

Maybe have you got switched an option (I don't know how is called in English version) "additional dimming"?

Here, activating or deactivating this option, I still have this ''oscillation'' of brightness in the app drawer.

Star I

I have the same exact issue