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ZenFone 8 Steady Charging not working as expected

Star III
It looks there is no difference in charging speed with and without Steady Charging enabled. Charging from 20% up to 80%, in both cases takes ~30 minutes.
All system updates are installed.
That is an important functionality for increasing the battery lifespan.

Star III
@Gustav_ASUS With ultra steady charging there is a noticeable difference. Charging is almost two times slower, which means ultra steady mode is working well. However, I'm wondering why I do not notice any significant difference between steady and normal modes. Does the normal mode works correctly then?
The SMMI AC test for normal and steady charging shows voltage ~4.3V and a current flowing between 2 - 3.8A, mostly staying at ~3.8A, which means power ~15-18W. Since by specification, the charger can output from 5 to 20V, is it normal that voltage reported by the SMMI test does not raise above 5V?
What are the standard values that should be observed in the SMMI test for the normal and steady modes?

Rising Star I
This 4.3V IS battery voltage and not output charger voltage ... And small difference between normal and steady charging is because phone uses 30w charging only short time and then charging rate drops...

Star III
Thanks everyone for that clarification! I really wasn't aware that normal charging does not use 30w all the time. It looks most of the time it drops to 18w.