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ZenFone 8 Steady Charging not working as expected

Star III
It looks there is no difference in charging speed with and without Steady Charging enabled. Charging from 20% up to 80%, in both cases takes ~30 minutes.
All system updates are installed.
That is an important functionality for increasing the battery lifespan.

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I noticed that it depends on a charger you use. If you use original charger, you can limit it to min 15W (i think). With other 18W chargers, you can limit to 10W.

Community Legend III
@atanasuzunov Last time I checked with a powermenter a couple of weeks ago, steady charging on Zenfone 8 worked as intended. (Voltage and current dropped according to spec.)
While it won't give you any exact figures, SMMI test can at least show you if the values are lower when steady charging is enabled:
Open the calculator and input .12345+=
Single test -> AC charger test
Try it with and without steady charging enabled

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There is really noticeable difference, at least between full 30W charing and 10W ultra stable. 10W charging works exactly like 5V 2A charger, so it's just working like it should.

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gustav - can you please share differences between normal, steady and ultra steady charging ? (specs)

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@sexiclube55 You can see for yourself:
Connect AC charger
Settings -> Battery -> Battery care -> Steady charging -> Charging rate limiter
If you're using the stock 30W charger, these values should be 30W, 18W and 10W.