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Zenfone 8 Proximity Sensor

Star I
My proximity sensor is non-functional.
I have confirmed via the SMMI test that it doesn't react at all at any of the distances.
I believe this has been the case since the latest update.

Damn frustrating when the phone starts doing whatever as it touches your ear/face during a phonecall...

Any advice?

Community Legend III
Quick update: Our devs are taking a closer look at the logs sent by you. I'll update you when I learn more. 🙂

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I have the same problem. During the conversation, when I hold the phone to my ear, sometimes the screen wakes up and my ear starts up various functions of the phone. This is very common after updating to Android 12. When it was Android 11, it was less common. Please solve this problem ASAP. The phone cannot be used normally. Software version: 31.1010.0410.72, Call app version: There is no new software to download

I can send you some logs from my phone while this happens, but you have to tell me how can I save them.

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Will someone take care of this problem? The phone cannot be used with this malfunction

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Will someone from Asus handle this problem, which is reported by many customers ? Will we still be disregarded ?
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I've had the same problem on my phone for a few days now. But today the problem meant that I COULDN'T GET EMERGENCY HELP FOR MY DISABLED GRANDBABY WHO WAS HAVING SEIZURES. When up against my face, the phone kept dialing numbers, muted a call, hung up another call and re-dialed a different number. I don't know what technical aspects of the phone cause this, and I shouldn't have to. But I do need to know, and immediately, either how to fix this phone or how to replace it. Please post step-by-step instructions asap.