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Zenfone 8 hotspot not working after Android 13 update

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I installed the pushed update for Android 13 on my Zenfone 8, and after that my WiFi hotspot stopped working. The option is no longer under its typical location in Settings > Network & Internet, it must be searched for or accessed via shortcut. I have tried changing all Hotspot settings, factory reset the phone, and I even contacted my wireless provider to confirm service is active for my account. I have read that downgrading to Android 12 enables WiFi functionality again, but I'd like to know how ASUS will address the issue.


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There are many who have problems of various kinds on the ZenFone 8 (ZS590KS) phone with the Android 13 update (software Image: WW-33.0210.0210.210), for me the Wi-Fi and the Hotspot function no longer work. For some, Face Unlock does not work. I have also made all attempts via mobile operator, the problem is really related to the software version. Resetting and restoring the phone to software version WW-31.1010.0411.160 (Android 12) everything works again. On the other hand, in Asus to make the firmware available for downgrade it means that they know very well that there are bugs.

Asus web and phone support is ridiculous, they don't know how to give any real help. I have asked them several times how to solve and if they are fixing the various bugs but I have not had an answer.

A real pity that they are not able to give support, if not tell you to send it to the assistance center and for what then, if it is not a hardware problem but a software one.

Yes, it's ridiculous. I am talking to Asus chat support as we speak. And so far they are asking silly questions like "Try to check system update" and "Have you tried factory reset". I downgraded to A12 couple days and was very happy with it, but upgraded back to A13 because Asus customer support sent me an email with the following instructions, most of which is incomprehensible:

I am following up with you regarding your issue with your phone's hotspot. Please provide the following information:

  • Name of the carrier?
  • Trying the same SIM card on another phone? will the same issue?
  • Were there any errors when enabling the hotspot?

 1. Open the calculator and input ".19595+="

 2. Tap "Generate" in "Phone, mobile network." type

Test steps

3. Enable data network(disable WIFI) and confirm internet access successfully (screenshot)

4. enable the hotspot and let the pc connect to the phone

5. Check PC no internet

6. Enable WIFI network(disable data) and confirm internet access successfully (screenshot)

4. enable the hotspot and let the pc connect to the phone

5. Check PC has internet

Export Log

6. Open the calculator and input ".19595+="
7. Tap "Exporting.." to export the log file. It will take a  few minutes.
8. Tap "Share" and select Google Dive to upload the log file and share the link with me.
9. Please also upload the screen recording to Google Drive and share the link with us.


Yes, they make you do some completely meaningless tests, since it is clearly the Android 13 firmware that is flawed.

Hello, @Menhir65 .

Could you please help confirm the request information via PM inbox?

Thank you.

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My HotSpot button disappeared completely. I was hung up by 3 support agents because warranty was expired. On 4th try I got a respectable, knowledgeable guy. 

Seems the only fix is to downgrade back to 12. The Zen8 does not nor do they have intention to make it work with Android 13. 

So basically ASUS won't support a phone past 1 year. Will never buy another ASUS device.