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Zenfone 8 hotspot not working after Android 13 update

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I installed the pushed update for Android 13 on my Zenfone 8, and after that my WiFi hotspot stopped working. The option is no longer under its typical location in Settings > Network & Internet, it must be searched for or accessed via shortcut. I have tried changing all Hotspot settings, factory reset the phone, and I even contacted my wireless provider to confirm service is active for my account. I have read that downgrading to Android 12 enables WiFi functionality again, but I'd like to know how ASUS will address the issue.


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Same issue

Hello, @abatobato .

I have PM you to confirm the detail of the proble you might have.
Please check the top-right corner for the PM inbox.

Thank you.

Why can't you just tell the group how to fix this??? Why are you PM the info when so many are having the same problem 

Because it has no solution. He asks you for the data in private and then gives no more answer...
I only hope that a bug-free firmware comes out that can be downloaded and installed as soon as possible, since in May 2023 it is two years since the Zenfone 8 came out and after that they will no longer release updates. For support you have to send it to assistance and you change the motherboard, which has nothing to do with it because it is evident that it is a software problem and not hardware, since with the downgrade to Android 12 everything works. Personally after this experience, I will never buy Asus phones again.

This site is useless! Better closed this including Asus!