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Zenfone 8 hotspot not working after Android 13 update

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I installed the pushed update for Android 13 on my Zenfone 8, and after that my WiFi hotspot stopped working. The option is no longer under its typical location in Settings > Network & Internet, it must be searched for or accessed via shortcut. I have tried changing all Hotspot settings, factory reset the phone, and I even contacted my wireless provider to confirm service is active for my account. I have read that downgrading to Android 12 enables WiFi functionality again, but I'd like to know how ASUS will address the issue.


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You can try the following fix. Go to  APN settings and correct the "APN type" parameter, put there "default, supl, dun". Usually "dun" is being erased for some reason. It worked for me.

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Same. Exact same situation whether it's hotspot or phone pairing, the pairing "seems" to first work, but no actual network/internet access ever works. It's like DNS is completely cut off or something.

This is a terrible situation to leave ASUS loyal users in, and if this is not resolved for current ASUS users, I'm pretty well never buying another ASUS phone.  Which is too bad 'cause I really like my Zenfone, but killing this major functionality for your entire user base and doing nothing about it (not to mention saying nothing about it - c'mon people 'fess up!!) is extremely disrespectful and frustrating.

About a month ago someone posted that ASUS has fixed the hotspot problem on A13 through the latest update and that now everything works. Even though I didn't try it, but couple people did post that it's now working. I'm still on A12. Make sure you have the latest update and maybe it will work for you too.

It's the opposite for me, the problem occurred just after the last update in mid-May this year, before that Wi-Fi was working fine, I got Android 13 back in February or March.

I was one of those people. As of right now, the hotspot is still working on my ZF8 on A13. Obviously, this may not be universally true.