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Proximity sensor problem during conversation

Rising Star I
During the conversation, when I hold the phone to my ear, sometimes the screen wakes up and my ear starts up various functions of the phone. This is very common after updating to Android 12, previously it was less. Please solve this problem ASAP. Phone software version: 31.1010.0410.72, APP software version:

Star III
Hi Jjarek23.
Hi, I'm also from Poland and I have the same problem with the proximity sensor. I even made a post on this topic and followed the others and didn't notice any response from any admin.
After all, the users of this phone are probably more and more irritated. The delay in patching bugs is dramatic. And by patching up one, they generate another problems.
I will write it again. I've had cheaper phones from Huawei and Samsung and have never had such annoying problems as with this phone. 
I have learned a lesson. I will never pay a company for a product again to become a beta tester.
Ramdump issue swept under the rug.
A year has passed since the release date...

Rising Star I
If this issue will not fixed I will return the phone to the store and the store will return it to Asus. I will urge everyone to do the same, because the Asus approach is completely unprofessional.

Rising Star I
The same problem has been reported for a long time, e.g. here:
Will someone finally take care of him? Telephones are unusable!

Rising Star I
I refresh the topic. It will not close without a solution.

Rising Star I
I decided not to upgrade my 2nd Zenfone 8 to Android 12 because of this bug. I would not recommend anyone install Android 12 until this is fixed. It makes using the Zenfone for actual phone calls very awkward and frustrating, and potentially embarrassing or even dangerous.