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DNS issues with android 12

Using Zenfone 8, I downloaded A12 on the official website and upgraded as instructed. Since upgraded, my main VPN apps while working and compatible A12, has been unable to enforce its own DNS to apps such as Google chrome etc. Now trying to use 1.1.1...

LordTao by Star III
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Memory leak detected

Hello, Zenfone 8 android 12, Memory leak detected every 30 Min.. Who can help me fix?


Update plans to adjust display tuning at 90hz?

I see it's a known problem on here that, at 90hz, the contrast and colors are noticeably washed out at lower brightness, even being noticeable at higher brightnesses to me to a degree where I don't use auto refresh rate to avoid the visible transitio...

Bad sound

Hi, I have a problem. After switching to Android 12, when I listen to music through wired headphones with the same settings, the music is not as rich and full as on system 11. It's kind of flat, lacks bass. Has anyone noticed this? I think the sound ...

ice601 by Star II
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Status bar stops updating randomly in Android 12

I found this older post about it: https://zentalk.asus.com/en/discussion/56751/bug-status-bar-stops-updating-randomly-in-android-12Just look at the time in the launcher widget and the status bar. Only restarting the phone fixes it. I noticed it twice...

hirshr by Star II
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Lockscreen Pattern bug

Phone occasionally refuses to recognize the correct pattern during lockscreen. Phone indicates "wrong pattern" even though the correct one is used.There is a chance for the bug to go away after each 30s timeout (due to multiple incorrect pattern atte...

Zenfone 8 (Android 12) Wifi and Hotspot Cannot Be Turned On

I have been using Z8 since August 2021and upgraded to Android 12 in January 2022. Now I cannot turn on Wifi & Hotspot at all despite many restarts.What is happening???? Please give a solution.

Wey by Star II
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Security option

Hello guys, I noticed how Samsung S21 if it is locked with password (and you enable such function) it doesn't allow someone with the phone to turn it off or also use the top down menu where you can out on airplane mode. Why Asus doesn't add ass well ...

zenfone 8 wallpaper and style

Hello.I can't find the wallpaper and style option on android 12. Is it not available on the zen fone 8?Thank you !

xp44 by Star I
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Play games on Zenfone 8?

I am a geek with video games especially games with Apk Mod versions. Can the Zenfone 8 handle such games? Please reply