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NFC security error

I own Asus Zenphone 8. After the latest update I started having an error of this kind.... now I can pay using NFC even with a locked screen .... does anyone have this?

Connectivity loss when switching from Wifi to Mobile data and back

This is a follow-up to the topic which was closed: https://zentalk.asus.com/en/discussion/51441/battery-drain-when-switching-from-wireless-to-4gWhen going from an area with zero cell reception but with WiFi reception, to an area with cell reception b...

ligius by Star II
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Zenfone 8 microphone problem

Hello there,i often need to use loudspeaker during my phonecalls and when I do that, the other person cannot hear me very well.I determined, that only the upper firing microphone is working while in loudpeaker mode and downfiring microphone is off fo...

qnick90 by Star I
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All phone problems solved

I sold it and bought an iphone 13 mini.The battery no longer runs out in a few hours or as the phone pleases.The assistant works all the time and never fails anymore.I don't need the worst fingerprint reader on the market because this one has Face Id...

MASM by Star III
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ошибка безопасности Google Pay

Владею Asus Zenphone 8,с последним обновлением прилетела ошибка такого рода....теперь я могу оплачивать с помощью NFC даже с заблокированным экраном....есть такое у когото?((

Why is the screen so dimmed compare to other phones?

If the screen is not at least on 80% brightness it's barely visible. I understand they are trying to save battery life I'm sure the screen with high refresh eats more out of the battery, but it does really annoy me if I would bring it to 50% like how...

Spinning Compass Issue

HiMy compass keeps spinning in a more or less constant speed.This happens in every app which uses the compass, such as Google Maps and dedicated compass apps.It looks like the same problem described in https://zentalk.asus.com/en/discussion/52782/com...

Android 12 Closed Beta

Has the Android 12 beta started? I registered but didn't get any emails from Asus. Just wondering if it has started already or I should still keep an eye on my mail inbox

cicagorio by Rising Star II
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