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Battery drain

Merry Christmas allI'm MikeThe battery drain over night is rapid. It drops 30 to 40 % while I'm sleeping from 11pm to 7 am. It might drop 20% during the rest of the time. Any idea what could be causing this?Attached is last 24 hour battery chart.

Zenfone 8 Android 12 Beta, System UI stopped

Model Name: Zenfone 8Firmware Version: 31.1004.0404.68Rooted or not: Not RootedFrequency of Occurrence: a few times a dayAPP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): different appsAfter installing, having problems with System UI on a da...

Blue light filter weak?

This is my first Asus phone and I just wondered if blue light filter is supposed to barely do anything? On other phones I can change display colours and make it as I want, or the filter is much stronger but on the ZenFone the filter isn't strong enou...

VoLTE/VoWIFI Orange Poland

Hello, i saw that previous topic was closed. I chatted with Orange(Flex PL) support and asked about VoLTE/VoWIFI. Apparently it should be working on Zenfone8, but Asus disabled the option to enable it. Can you please let us to enable/disable the opti...

When Zenfone 8 is going to launch in india?

First of all,i feel really ashamed to ask about this, after what you did with software updates on my asus zenfone max pro m1,now, i am changing my device, i see all 6.4 to 6.9 inches devices everywhere.so, i thought of buying Zenfone 8.just because i...

Using phone speaker during call works only for a little while

While talking on the phone using the loud speaker, it will only work for a few minutes before the person on the other end cant hear me properly and the voice gets scrambled. This happens with everyone Ive talked to - so its not an isolated issue. Whe...

joerund by Star III
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Bluetooth icon

Where ís bluetooth icon in status bar ? Is switched on but ís not showed in status bar... when i switch off wifi icon, then disappear... When on, IS showed.. but bluetooth icon IS not displayed in status bar. It IS ok ?

My phone auto-replied to my boss.(driving)

My phone auto-replied to my boss that im currently driving and call me later. He replied, turn on the speakerphone...And during all this i was not aware of this at all! The phone was in the holder, connected to bluetooth radio, as before.What is this...

laci_kara by Rising Star I
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Connection issues

Dear friends, I recently moved to asus from samsung starting with Zenfone 8. After using it for a while I found some troubles with delayed notifications, not reveiving whatsapp/telegram chat, not receiving whatsapp call and simetimes a phone call whi...

Apex_MD by Star I
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