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Giffgaff 'has no known provisioning website'

Hi allI have the same problem as another user reported; that report got no replies - and I'd link it but my notice status prevents that). That is: on Android 12, the following happens. Settings -> Network -> Mobile plan yields: 'giffgaff has no known...

TumTiTa by Star II
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Bug with required pre-installed applications

Dear developers.Please fix the bug with downloading a set of Russian software in the next updates.(Kaspersky, Yandex Disk, Mir Pay, Odnoklassniki, etc.)Which are installed during the initial setup of the device.For example, when the device is already...

D_IMAN by Rising Star II
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Google Assistant Does not work correctly

Hi all.Google Assistant responds to "Ok Google" every other time...1 - 3 days responds to the command stably, then no reaction to the phrase "Okey Google". What with the screen off, what with the on ...Should you turn off / on the device, and how lon...

D_IMAN by Rising Star II
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The MALAYSIAN government is dropping 3G network nationwide and now ASUS phones on DIGI networks are having poor call quality. Please enable VOLTE ON DIGI NETWORK.I have created a survey on Facebook regarding the various networks in Malaysia in which ...

Kojima by Star I
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Google Dialer caused phone crash issues with wired headset?

When i first bought my zenfone 8 (jun 2021) i quickly installed the Dialer app made by Google and started using it instead of the default Asus phone dialer. I have been having the issue of the phone crashing and turning off when using a wired heads...

Missed battery option in Settings

Hi, I have latest .61 FW and through search in Settings I found this option "Screen off auto clean", but by clicking it I enter to default battery settings and not exactly to this option.How can I find it to enable/disable?

dron39 by Rising Star II
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Battery draining problem

Battery drainig rapidly...i used to play almost 6 hour of pubg from 100% to 4% now it only last like 2.5 hrs from 100% to 5%... #Asus you should do something about it.... And screen is consuming more power... It used to consume less power before w...


Asus zenfone 8

It's called "pumping effect at high volume" It happened not only with Asus Zenfone 8, but with ROG 5 too.Update to Android 12 didn't help to solve this problem

Does your Slo-Mo 480FPS Stutter, jitter or lag

My Slo-Mo jitters and lags as if random frames go missing. I found when I clear my camera cache I will get a smooth recording but then my next slo-mo recording will have random jumps on the playback, while recording I can see moments that the recordi...