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Zenfone 8 - 31.1010.0410.72 . Random shutdown in middle of call.

Star I
I have been getting random shutdown whenever I am in the middle of a call, it has happened several times for no reason. The call would suddenly cut-off in the middle, and the screen will go black. Need to press the power button for it to start up.
Has anyone got similar experience ? It's frustrating, as a call cuts-off in the middle without any warning whatsoever.


While the call cutting off sounds a bit odd, the screen going black in the middle of a call sounds like it could be the Proximity sensor activating, to make sure the user does not accidentally press any button.
How long has the call turning off been going on? Maybe there could be some signal issues in your area, please check if your network provider is working properly, sometimes they don't manage to reach all areas, which can produce a call drop.

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