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Camera app document/scan mode

I really like the document scan mode implemented within the camera app. The only option I miss is to scan the document primarily in black/white or greyscale. Is there a way to get this done?

th_besch by Rising Star I
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Blink light

Who knows what Blink light is in the Apps section? And why, when I exit the Apps section, if I turned on Blink light, then it turns on again. And what's the difference if there is one between Blink light and Led indicator.

screenshot-20220207-182447528.jpg screenshot-20220207-182225651.jpg

Add OneDrive to File manager

I'd like to connect my OneDrive account to the default file manager. App specifications tell me that it would be possible but I only can add Google drive and Asus web store to the file manager. What can I do to add my OneDrive account, too?

AT&T 5G service, missing texts randomly

I purchased the Zenfone 8 about seven months ago. It is on the list of HD voice approved devices for At&t, but not 5g. I didn't know I had to check both before it was too late.The phone itself is great, I like the size, it's fast, and has a good cam...

GPS coordinates missing from photos transferred to PC

For the photos taken with my Zenfone 8, I can see where the photo was taken when viewing its details with Asus' Gallery app. When the pictures are transferred to PC, however, the GPS coordinates are not in the EXIF metadata. Can this be controlled by...

Android 12 face unlock issue

If the phone idle for a little while it won't event engage face unlock (not 4 hours idle security measure) You need to use a fingerprint to unlock first then it starts working again. It's intermittent.

Germans by Star III
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Шторка уведомлений

Подскажите как можно поменять значки в шторке уведомлений!а то они такие огромные и продолговатые


Hi guys,I've noticed that if you restart your phone, it comes back turning off the auto rotate function automatically.In case if you have the same youtube video playback artifacts (and quite a few others too) just try to turn this rotate function OFF...