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5G logo appearing only after reboot and is stuck until next reboot

The below update mention that it fixed the 5G icon appearing but in fact, it just force the logo to appeared after a reboot and then the icon remain stuck whether you are using 5G or not. It only reverts back to 4G after another reboot. Each and ever...

LordTao by Star III
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Asus Zenphone 8 and bugs

Hi,I've had several different brands of android phones over the years. Htc, Samsung, Motorola etc. And I have never really experienced serious bugs with those. They were all functional to an extent, even though they also went through Android upgrades...

tim3748 by Star I
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Phone Over Heats while using camera | Asus 8z

My phone gets overheat very soon, Like just after 10 minutes of video recording in 1080p.Earlier I had Asus 6z that also gets heated but not in just 10 minute of recording, any solution for this ??

Android 12 Stability

I'm still quite hesitant to upgrade to Android 12, is it already stable?With Asus not providing support for local back-up it's quite risky to update and unable to restore if I run into problems

HeLLKiTe by Rising Star I
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Android 12 Recent Apps/Tasks List View Request

Hello,We would like to kindly request that a "list view" option be provided for the recent app/tasks view. The current UI/UX with the giant card swipe interaction is simply awful. It is clunky and it is terribly inefficient (no idea what Google de...

greenrs by Star I
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Bad or broken PPS charging?

I bought an Anker PPS charger and noticed that the Zenfone 8 does not charge well using it. The phone displays the two charging flashes, but the charging current varies a lot and frequently drops very low. I suspect that the PPS charging algorithm is...

My solution for slow / unsensitive fingerprint function

Model Name: ZenFone 8Firmware Version: A12 (M3.13.24.66-Sake_0000110)Rooted or not: Not rootedFrequency of Occurrence: An instantAPP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): -========================================The issue was discuss...

Reuven_1 by Star II
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Veido atpažinimas

Veido atpažinimas ir vėl neveikia. Po paskutinio atnaujinimo veikė, gal savaitę, ir dabar vėl neveikia net paleidus iš naujo telefoną.

My Bug Reports

I've not seen anyone post solutions to these problems so I am left to think these are bugs. I haven't experienced many and overall the phone is great! I'd call these annoyances but depending on how you use your phone is could be a deal breaker if the...

Zenfone 8 - 31.1010.0410.72 . Random shutdown in middle of call.

I have been getting random shutdown whenever I am in the middle of a call, it has happened several times for no reason. The call would suddenly cut-off in the middle, and the screen will go black. Need to press the power button for it to start up...