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Zenfone 8 died from gaming while charging

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On 23rd of June, I was playing Genshin Impact on my Zenfone 8 while charging, the phone got heated up and all of a sudden the phone died with no overheat alert or what so ever. The phone is in a fairly thick phone case, so i got no idea how hot was the back of my phone but my finger was fine while touching on the screen, so the temperature is nothing too crazy. Last check on game assistant before the phone died, the shown temperature was around 60 degree celcius. Before I started the game, I even turned off my hotspot while the bluetooth and location were remain turned off all the time. By the way the ambient temperature was around 24 degree celcius at that time.
I tried reboot my phone after that, but the phone just got no response. I tried unplug the charging cable and press on the power button, no response too, I even plugged the charging cable back in and do the same but similar result too. I left my phone for few days for sake of dried up the battery but today I plugged my phone back on charging cable and try to boot it, the phone is still no response. I've tried all sort of ways but the phone just remain dead. To make things clear, My phone was up-to-date to the latest firmware
Please provide assistance if someone know how to fix it.
Besides, is Zenfone 8 really have no overheat alert when the phone temperature got too high?

I would recommend you to contact your closest ASUS Service Center so they can have a look since there is not much we can do from the forums.

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