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New December firmware.

I'll check if Android Auto is fixed these days even if not specifically specified in the log. Finger crossed.


More Bluetooth HID profiles

After my Red Spider gamepad broke, i got myself a Serafim S1 - there's not many gamepads that support holding phone in portrait mode. Alas, Zenfone 8 doesn't register it as a gamepad device in HID mode (Red Spider worked fine). Windows 10 sees it as...

the90h by Star I
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cannot receive or send messageattachments

I cannot send or receive any attachments (photos or videos) on my messaging app on my Zenfone 8. Texts alone are fine.I have had endless suggestions from my ISP (eg APN mobile settings) and from ASUS, but none seem to work.THis problem started in mid...

5g N41 band on Asus Zenfone 8

Hello Asus Team,Please advise on date when you will enable n41 band on Asus Zenfone 8 or how to do it manually.I can't change my operator and for 5g this is only band he use. I dont want to change nice phone just to achive 5g, when you can easly swit...

mrsake by Star I
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Wifi dan Hotspot tidak berfungsi

HP saya Asus Zenfone 8 mengalami wifi dan hotspot tidak berfungsi. Sempat berfungsi beberapa jam, tapi kembali lagi tidak bisa berfungsi. Sebelumnya tidak pernah mengalami benturan di HP ataupun terkena cairan. Apakah mungkin ini bug dari Software as...

December update?

When is the next update coming? It has now been almost 2 months since the last update.

Still no VoLTE with Orange F

That's a shame. It was officially announced on launch, confirmed on this forum by Asus officials. When ZF9 was launched, it was said that test was conducted with Orange and that it could help with ZF8 certification, but zero, nada.Shame.

Chris1 by Rising Star II
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Zenfone 8 battery won't charge to 100%

For quite some time now the phone can't charge to max with the original charger or any other wall charger. It will stop at 80+% and won't restart. It will only charge to 100 on a battery charger. Not a spoilt cable or plug problem, I tested them on o...