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Project Treble implementation

The ZenFone 8 has the Snapdragon 888 processor that is the starting point for Project Treble implementation. Commitment to the project can come in the form of 4 years of upgrades pertaining to Android OS versions or at least Android security patches....

mercury0 by Star II
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AT&T work around for international Zenfone 8

I've managed to register my LG V35 with a straight talk AT&T sim, and then put that sim into my Zenfone 8. It's been working well for months.... Does anyone know if I'll be able to do the same with AT&T pre paid? My Zenfone was booted off the network...

Resolved! How to block OTA upgrade to Android 13

After my phone was OTA upgraded to Android 13, I started to have issues with Bluetooth. I decided to downgrade to Android 12. After downgrade I disabled automatic upgrades (screenshot below) before I connected the phone to the Internet.I spent severa...

InteRadek by Rising Star I
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Zenfone 8 bricked in EDL mode one day after warranty expired

Had the phone for a year plus one day. It suddenly bricked with black screen while I was using it. This happened one day after the one year warranty! The service center said it's out of warranty and I have to pay, etc. Wondering whether to just keep ...

Zenphone 8 not connecting to PC for data transfer - water issue

Have been using the phone in the pool. Glanced some notification about water issue... Later made the connection that this might be the cause I have no data connection. Also only can use some 'dumb' chargers to pump juice into the device.Any ideas how...

Istvan by Star I
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Cannot reconnect to mobile network after signal interruption

Model: Zonfone 8Android 13, 33.0210.0210. 210After a mobile data signal interruption (eg.: getting into an elevator and get out) the apps on the phone don't have mobile data connection until I switch mobile data off and on.Facebook, Instagram, Chrome...

Zenfone 8 automatic brightness stopped working

Hello. My Zenfone 8 had auto brightness issues since new, but the longer I use it the more common it gets and usually I would just do quick reboot and all works fine again. I feel like it can be tied to always on display brightness control, because t...

endrjug by Star III
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