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Zenfone 8 Lcd broken after accidentally exposed to water

Star II

Hello Sir/Madam

Yesterday my phone was accidentally exposed to water, but after that my hp lcd became purple and then turned black, is this hp not waterproof? even though this device has IP68.
please help, thank you. 

LCD Broken.jpg

LCD Broken1.jpg


Rising Star I

This happened to me too last year. My phone got wet for a short time (it was under water for a few seconds) and a few hours later the screen started turning purple and black. You should back up your phone if still possible as the screen will completely break.

My phone was still under warranty so I sent it to Asus service saying the screen isn't working. The screen was replaced free of charge. The phone has also been factory reset and OS was updated so all data has been wiped out from the phone (this is normal practice).

Thank you for sharing, I wonder why water can still penetrate? Even though this device has ip68 certification, but it can still be damaged by exposure to water, my device was only exposed to water (drinking water) spilled from a glass, my device is out of warranty, but I hope Asus can help repair my device for free, because this is related to their claim that their device is waterproof.

Thank you.

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