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How can I avoid the phone-disabling update?

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Due to my experience with a previous bad Asus Zenfone update, I opted not to reboot to finish installing the Android 14 update. My AT&T Zenfone 9 is not one of the broken ones, for now. However, I regularly get a pop-up asking me to update and have an impossible-to-dismiss notification telling me to tap to reboot.

I live in fear that I'll accidentally hit reboot, have my phone die or otherwise inadvertently install this update and render my phone useless.

Previous posts have established that Asus does not respect the "Disable automatic updates" choice of users. In addition, since the update is already downloaded and ready to go, it's too late for that anyway.

I'm hopeful that Asus is working diligently on a fix and will have a working update as soon as possible. Until then, I'm hoping for a simple, immediate step: How do I permanently avoid a forced install of this phone-bricking update?


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Detail: update I'm avoiding is WW_user_34.0304.2004.87 - haven't been able to confirm whether that's actually the bad update or not, but it's the one that came out a few weeks ago.


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From my experience, if the Automatic update is set to Don't allow, the phone will not install new ROMs. 

However, if you are asked to reboot already, probably the phone has done part of the installation already, and so it may be impossible to skip what follows after the reboot.

My 2c, just reboot and finish the job.   

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A new system update was released today addressing AT&T users experiencing boot looping along with general overall system stability issues. Announcement found here: 3/28/2024 Zenfone 9 System Update