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Zenfone 9 Boot-looping on AT&T

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Hi @Mansi_ASUS @Laura_ASUS

As you know, there is a catastrophic firmware bug that immediately triggers a reboot upon connection to AT&T networks. I updated my phone on Friday. Why has this issue not been resolved yet? This is seriously embarrassing for and reflects extremely badly on ASUS as a corporation/software vendor. How was this not caught by the verification team? It's been weeks judging based on the other threads I've seen. If possible it'd be nice to get an update on what the devs have said in response to this bug and when I can expect an update or fix. As it stands I'll be RMAing my phone this wednesday if this isn't fixed as it is impacting my work. I'd also like to hear about why my bootloader will now be locked into using your clearly incompetent dev team's broken firmware.


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Have the same issue, still waiting to hear anything🙃

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Yes, I'm having this exact same problem with my Zenfone 9 and it started yesterday. This is a serious issue that disables my phone's core functionality. If there's any way I can send in crash data or logs please let me know, this needs to be fixed or whatever caused the issue to be rolled back. Also seeing others reporting the issue over on AT&T's forum.

If anyone is reading this, please make an account and add your own comment. The more reports of this issue, the more likely ASUS is to prioritize it.


The R&D team has found the issue and is working on a fix. However, for now, I'd suggest you remove the SIM to avoid the boot-looping.

May I ask what the timeline to correct is? Will we be getting an OTA update pushed to us?