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Happened to me twice recently:phone hung up and restarted automaticallyVersion number:

Latest updates explanation

So,there was this latest update that "improved camera quality". But,what did you exactly did? I would like to hear what are the improvements on every update,like how did you make it better that phone wont heat up so easily by firmware update? Etc,you...

Bad audio recording on third party camera apps

Hello, just got my Zenfone 8 yesterday after owning a Zenfone 6 for 2 years, and I am loving it! However, I noticed that the mic/audio recorded in Snapchat and Instagram sounds a lot more muffled/quiet compared to the main camera app which sounds ama...

AT&T 3G Sunset

So I am in the market for a new phone. I was using the ROG 2 until AT&T decided to announce the sunset of the 3G network and informed me that my phone was not compatible. Thus begins the hunt for the next phone. And the ASUS Zenfone 8 has peaked m...

Manual brightness act like auto.

Same story, I'm on manual brightness, now on 100%, 90Hz refresh rate and tilting, watching phone, scrolling Web on different angles dim my brightness auto. Yeah, now I use screenrec and did it 4 times already. I'll link video.

Status and Navigation bar burn in protection

Hey everyone,I am wondering did Asus do anything to try and protect against burn ins on the display from the bottom navigation bar or the top status bar? These two things are almost always showing the same content

cicagorio by Rising Star II
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ASUS 8z FLIP launch

are there any chance of launching ASUS 8z FLIP (aka ZenFone 8 FLIP) in INDIA ......? On the ASUS India teaser page , here the phone can be seen at bottom, but that does not found in BIS Certification, Google Play console list & ASUS product regist...

Tripura by Star II
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HD Voice calling - AMR-WB and EVS on ZenFone 8

I bought a ZenFone 8 a few days ago and noticed that the call quality was very poor. I think it is because there is no HD Voice calling AMR-WB (Adaptive Multi-Rate Wideband) and EVS (Enhanced Voice Services) codecs are missing and do not work in 3g. ...