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Few more problems with ZF8

Hi!I have three things i don't like in my Asus ZenFone8. All three of them persist on all FW (including latest .22).1) I usually use Dynamic mode with fixed 120Hz dysplay refresh rate. I also have scheduled night mode from down till dusk. And I have ...

dron39 by Rising Star II
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Zenfone 8 "Waiting for flashing full ramdump..."

I have the sam e problem as many others. My beautiful Zenfone 8 is now stuck in this weird text screen. What the heck should I do? I am in the Us, and I bought in on Newegg on 6/17, before it was officially in the US. Asus Support, please help me...

jakevh by Star I
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Feature request: Allow put screen shut while in video recordings

Vloggers want to use best cameras all the time but especially, when you want use back cameras for filming yourself, you really don't need that big screen, so it can go shut while filming.It can be called "action camera mode" In that mode, you can use...

Hide navigation hints missing from settings!

I've been using gesture navigation on every android device I've had for the last few years as I love the way it allows apps to make full use of the screen.I'm very disappointed to find that the option to hide navigation hints has been removed from th...

Cannot control volume of internet calling apps since last update

Since the last update, I cannot increase or lower the volume of internet calling apps (WhatsApp, Threema, Duo) on my ZenFone 7. The volume is stuck at max and the volume key has no effect: the up key brings up the slider but does nothing. The low key...

Fotografie z videa

Ahoj, prosím jak pořídit fotku z mého videa ve vysokém rozlišení? Vidím jen možnost různých úprav videa, ale pořídit fotku z videa ne.. 路‍

slam09 by Star I
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60fps for 3rd camera apps!

Why this is so big no no from Sony AND Asus?People who doesn't understand how important this feature is, please don't reply on this. We need real answers.Asus, what you can do for this is (as a big customer): Please push and demand that Sony put thos...