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Headset inputs delay

Rising Star I
Previous thread was closed, not sure why, as issue was never fixed. Pasting it from over there.
One of the issues I have with the phone is that play/pause button on headset has incredible delay, sometimes up to around 10 seconds. It took me some time to figure this out, cause I just thought it does not work, apparently if you wait long enough the action takes place. I have tried the same headset with two different phones (LG and OnePlus) and there is no such issue.
To add, to what I wrote on previous thread, today I had a chance to test this out with another headset that has built in controls and the same issue persists with another headset as well. As well as other issues of no ringtone over headphones and random stopping while playing Spotify. So to wrap up, different headsets tested and same issues on Zenfone 8, no issues with same headset on other phones. I think we can be sure that this is phone's problem.
@Gustav_ASUS any chance anyone will take a look at it?