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Manual control for maximum brightness

Hi Asus, the maximum brightness is great but it would be good to be able to trigger it manually - there are many situations where the sun many not hit directly the screen, but it is still useful, as for example we may be carrying sunglasses or having...

Call volume strong fluctuations with headphones

Hi Asus, when using headphones for calls, from time to time audio will fluctuate either becoming too loud or too weak. Makes it difficult to use headphones.I've noticed it with or without outdoor mode, happens on every call.It does not happen: withou...

Only 5 volume steps for calls?

Hi Asus, first of all congratulations for -finally- a compact phone with good specs and an audio jack, and let me raise (as different conversations) a few points that could benefit of some tuning.Audio calls only have 5 steps for volume (while YouTub...

Slight delay when using gesture navigation

As the title says, has anyone noticed a slight delay when using gesture navigation? Seems odd that a 888 chipset lags so much when changing applications or sliding up to return to the home screen.Any tips to improve responsiveness?

No true black

Hi everyone, I would like to know if it's normal that black images are not displayed as pixel turned off but as a very dark gray tint in 60hrz and 120hrz with brightness over 20%.At 90hrz blacks are absolute at any brightness.It still be an AMOLED sc...

ZenFone 8 seems to be bricked. I have no idea what to do.

So, I was using the phone as usual and all of a sudden, the screen went black/blank as if the phone had been turned off.The next thing I know, the phone boots up to this screen. I searched online and found that my phone has possibly been bricked. Thi...


WiFi blacklisting SSID issue

I am having problems where the Zenfone8 will blacklist (refuse to reconnect) to my home WiFi after I have moved between APs a few times. I have three different APs (all dual-band).Removing and re-adding the network doesn't help, only rebooting the p...

Replace Cracked Screen on Zenfone 8

Dear All, I recently bought the New Zenfone 8 from AliExpress. All was  well until i dropped it !! grrr, However ASUS Customer service will not help me find a reputable company who will install a replacement screen in Thailand. I have offered to buy ...

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