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Picture in picture mode not working

I cannot get picture in picture mode to work at all on the zenfone 8. On google maps navigation and YouTube premium it just fails to launch the pop up window when you switch apps. With navigation it sometimes causes the phone to lag completely when i...

Are there people without ramdump?

today i've bought my new zenfone 8, i was leaving a xiaomi mi 10 because of proximity sensor problems and miui instability.read lots of reviews about zenfone 8 and all were enthusiasts... today after buying it i found a first post about ramdump, sinc...

I want to praise the video camera - see my example.

I fee like a quality of mobile videos don't don't get enough attention - in contradiction to photos. Typically when you see a review of a camera, only a small part of it is about video. Zenfone 8 shoots propably the best Android phone videos. I think...

rfk by Star II
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No notifications when silent

Hello,How to turn on notifications when the phone is muted? I mean notifications on the top beam. Once upon a time, I found a solution somewhere, but I can't find it again.

Asus ZenFone 8 idle battery drain due to lack of doze

Hi all, So iv had some rather unsavoury idle battery drain with my asus ZenFone 8 (16gig variation).After much testing I have boiled it down to one simple thing. The device does not enter doze or does not stay in doze nearly as long as it should, esp...

Siv by Star II
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Camera weird noise

Hi All,When I'm using camera application, there is a constant, weird, but quite silent noise from the upper speaker. This is only for back camera, when front camera is on or settings camera, there isn't any noise. Not sure what is it and how to turn ...

Zenfone 8 new issue with USB

Hi all,I'm facing now a new issue with USB on my Zenfone. Since a short while - I don't now exactly since when - my fone stopped connecting to different windows 10 machines. I checked different usb cables also to ensure that the cable is not the trou...

Ulrich by Star I
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Android 12 beta 2 discussion

Hey,I just installed the beta on my ZF8 and saw that there was no discussion thread about this on the forum.I'd like to share with you my thoughts so far with the software, as it enabled a fully new experience for me with the phone, and most of the c...

flolaff by Star III
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Ugly wasted space under keyboard (Gboard, Swiftkey)

Hello,How to remove this ugly under keyboard space? Came here from Oneplus 7 pro, and in they OS there are option to hide this space. How to do in ZenUI? Cant find...Any help?

modval by Star III
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