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After update to A13, dimming bug

Star III

After I update to A13, these is dimming bug. It happens only after call (nearly 50-50%) screen dims to very low - even hard to see. After restart it comes to normal. Please fix it Asus, seems it is software bug.



Rising Star I

After restart it works for about an hour and after that the adaptive brightness stops working and the screen is super dim. Have to disable adaptive brightness.

Setting is hard to find when screen is super dim in sun light.

I use a sensor tool and that indicates that the amount of lux is -1.

Hello everyone, 


Can you check if you have extra-dim mode on? If you do have it enabled, please disable it by going into  


settings>Apps & notifications>See all apps>Tap more option at the upper-right corner>show system>search “Device Health Services”>Storage & cache>manage space>tap “reset adaptive brightness”> OK to reset adaptive brightness.

If the problem persists after the reset, or if it doesn’t enable extra-dim mode, please provide a log and private message me your SN.

Thank you! 

Extra dim is off and has not been on.

I already reset the adaptive brightness a couple of times in the Device Health Services app menu.

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Star I

Piling on to say I'm experiencing the same screen dimming bug after Android 13 upgrade.