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ZenFone Tips & Tricks - How to become a ZenUI Ninja

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Both! It has the DTS X Ultra (package) which DTS Headphone X is a part of

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Same for 5z?
Does it makes any difference?

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Wireless file transfer

The easiest way to transfer files to your computer is always using a USB cable but sometimes you may not have one at hand. This is where ASUS “Pc file transfer” feature comes in handy. It’s located in the bottom left corner of ASUS File Manager app and lets you drag and drop files via a virtual file manager using your Wi-Fi. When you click start in Pc file transfer, you will be given an IP number that you input in the address field of your computer's web browser. Both devices have to be on the same network for it to work. If you’re not on Wi-Fi, then you can create a direct connection by using your phone as a hotspot. EDIT: Only works with Chrome, Firefox, Edge & Internet Explorer.



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Very sad ASUS File Manage does not support Opera and any operations with Folders, so we have to transfer files from several folders manually.

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Their devs really don't like any chromium or firefox-based browsers

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Thank u , loved the lines icons, beautiful phone just turned gorgeous.

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More apps in home screen dock
Five apps in the home screen dock a.k.a. Hotseat is not enough and in previous android versions, it hasn’t been possible to have more. So don’t be ashamed if you didn’t know that it’s actually possible to have up to five folders in the dock. The nice thing with ZenUI is that an open folder will be placed in the bottom of the screen for convenient access.