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ZenFone Tips & Tricks - How to become a ZenUI Ninja

This is a thread for everybody. To teach you more about those good to know features in Android Q and ASUS ZenUI that are easy to miss. Advanced users may already know most of these tips & tricks but we bet there’s something new for everyone. Our goal...

Heating and battery drain 193_0

After the latest update 193_0 the device is heating up more compared to before update while playing games like PUBG and while charging The battery is draining more when compared to before update... (No i am not using my Device while charging, Wifi d...

Audio noise in capsule

Since I made the last update (a few weeks) I hear an annoying noise when I listen to the audio in the capsule .. Noise that for the first 2 seconds is very annoying, then it is automatically reduced .. And it persists even after 3/4 seconds the end o...

AT&T 4g

Hi, I'm using this phone on AT&T who I know is horrible for non carrier phone support, and I only get 3g. Have anyone managed to get 4g going somehow? At&T has basically said "get a different phone"..

Camera Flip Mechanism Problem?

Hi. I will try explain my problem.Camera flip mechansim(minimum one time in day) a little opens from back panel ( at time I not using salfie or camera) just in the pocket. Or on table.When I manualy open and close flip mechanism or using open selfie ...

ging057 by Star II
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USB 3.x support?

Since the spec page doesn't list USB spec, does the Zenfone 6 support USB 3.x?The reason I'm asking is that I actually transfer files to my phone and don't want to waste money on a phone that only supports the antiquated USB 2.0 standard over USB-C.

Best Paid apps for zenfone 6

HiCan anyone tell me the list of best paid app for zenfone 6?.Especially the apps that can utilize the flip camera to its fullest.And also other app which works best with 6z....for eg. uysing the AI Core support Camera 2api etc...Thanks!!

sankesh by Star III
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No update from long time?

No update from long time... Till now i had believe that asus will correct all its bug in 6z by update.. Now I doubt after Rog2 they will be same as before in updates? Or they will forget 6z and get busy with their new projects?

Fingerprint sensor gesture as back button

It would be very comfortable if tap on the fingerprint sensor act as back button. It was there in my previous phone and it was very convenient. I really miss that.For a 6.4 inch phone it's really hard to hit back button at the lower corner.