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Zenfone 6 - screen is blocked with a black screen

Star II
My new Zenfone 6 is less than a month old and is showing this problem, after the battery is fully charged, the screen is blocked with a black screen and only the green led is lit and I can't get out of this situation anymore. Can someone help me? It already came with Android 10.

Star I
After a week or so the screen just stayed black for good and I returned the phone and got a new one.

Star II
Hey anything worked for you guys, I have the same issue but nothing worked

Star II
A quick update on my case, I submitted the device to asus service center, they said that the motherboard had been damaged, i had recently installed an update. I searched and found that this has earlier happened after updates. What should be done next? It's been just 13 months since I have bought the device.