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Carga extremamente lenta.

Antes de começar já digo, o problema não é o cabo nem o carregador. Possuo cabos originais de várias marcas, vários carregadores de qualidade inclusive originais da ASUS. Descarte essa possibilidade! Zenfone 6 última atualização. Por favor corrijam e...

Ram management is great .144

In latest update ram usage stay low and its great i see its clear Android firmware ram usage and that why we didn't need make restart after few days it's my first phone that it works like that and like it a lot keep it in the next updates please I...


UI bugs

Another new bug i found recently. The apps can be renamed but after renaming the apps dont get sorted alphabetically with the new name.. Example from India. My BSNL is a app for a the national telephone company. If you edited the name to just BSNL,...

Question about Zenfone 5Z vs Zenfone 6 AUDIO

I've owned the Zenfone 5Z for a while now, and although the phone altogether is fantastic, a huge issue I've had is audio volume, whether I'm using a wired 3.5mm connection, or Bluetooth. Over Bluetooth it puts nearly half the volume that my Pixel 2 ...

aashna by Star I
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Camera not flipping after update in apr2020

After update in april2020 my camera is not flipping of asus 6z . Always says make sure there no any obstacle. While nothing obstracting it..please respond what to do????.

Camera issue. ZS630KL

Problema ao capturar fotos, após captar a imagem não é salva! Perdi vários momentos e fotos já! Salva apenas na segunda ou terceira tentativa em diante. Zenfone 6 ZS630KL.Issue capturing photos, after capturing the image is not saved! I missed severa...

my phone is not getting On

dear sir/madamkindly informationfrom 6 days onwords my phone is not getting on, can u please respond and resolve.

Apps get automatically deleted from multitasking

I have noticed that when I have some apps opened in multitasking, let's say 10 apps, and I go to sleep, when I wake up, my multitasking list of apps is automatically reduced to like 2-3 apps running. The phone automatically closes the rest.I like to ...

Usb preference greyed

After updating to android 10 the usb preference is greyed out. So changed in developer option but still it is not working

Zentalk website issue(photo attached)

Most of the times when i open zentalk website it comes as page not found then i have to go into the sandwich menu to select phone community to get here it is happening to anybody else this problem is occuring for a week now@Anders_ASUS @LP_ASUS @CH_A...

Monark by Zen Master I
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