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Visual bug in dark mode

Under settings / storage in dark mode it says the amount of storage in the device is black and almost invisible


Feature Request (its a flagship device cmon)

Please add the feature to change the Wallpaper of the call screen, if not accent color add atleast this, the blue call screen wallpaper is boring dude,Or just add any good default wallpaper or animation eg like OnePlus, Asus 6z is a flagship device, ...

Camera issues

The camera is not responding after the 2-3 latest updates of the 6z.

Shivam by Star I
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Instagram Snapchat doesn't support 60fps an stabilization?

Why does Instagram Snapchat doesn't supports 60fps recording and stabilization when we record anything! Camera 2 API is available, then also its not supported WHY?For me its important coz am into photography, graphic design, and social media marketin...

You can now work on accent color feature

As there is lockdown everywhere, you have more time than usual, you can work on accent color feature IK you guys have bugs to fix, and other things to work on, limited resources, but try to work on it, Pls@Anders_ASUS

Home and Recent Apps button lag

Why do I get a 1-2 sec. lag when using the HOME or RECENT APPS button after the 17.1810.2003.144 update ?One hand mode is disabled, lag is present with other navigation configuratons as well ( swipe up, or gestures) but not as bad.Right now it is use...