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Game Genuine not working in latest update

Build number:QP1A. 190711005 WW_Phone-17.1810.2003.144During GamePlay my Game Genuine is not recording GamePlay. When I use common screen recorder then that screen recorder recording GamePlay Footage but not recording GamePlay internal sound.Please s...

Audio wizard problem

If I toggle the equaliser while listening to music , the sound is cut off in the earphone. I have to unplug and then replug the earphones .

bulurox by Star III
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my asus 6z screen got blackend

I was just watching videos on my phone then suddenly my phone's screen got blackend and the phone is not responding.I tried to charge the phone it was getting charged, but not responding,i tried to call on my mobile number but still it was not respon...

Pop confirmation for Flipping camera is bad implementations

The lastest update .144 has that feature that ruins usability of phone as when i watch a movie or using an app it flips automatically without any pop up and stop by my hand in middle as.This feature is not demanded by user why this is pushed by updat...

Lost otg after latest update

After the update my otg no longer work, tried difference usb cables and all the ports in my pc, my pc just dont see it, the otg was working before the update, do you they will fix it on next update? Im so sad, i had have these forced update problems ...

osx by Star I
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.144 solves Android auto dual sim problem.

After update when i connected phone to car i got pop up to select which sim to use in driving mode. Before that i had problem when in android auto with dual sim so i used to disable sim 2 whenever using Android auto. Now calling from Android auto wit...

paras0710 by Rising Star II
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Asus ZenFone 6 took to long to restart

When my phone is turn on for around 3 to 4 hours and I have to restart it sometimes need time ranging from 30 sec to 5 minute for it to turn on again for unknown reasons