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Phone audio from wrong speaker

Star III
Whenever I recieve a phone call the callers audio comes out from the bottom speaker. I need to toggle speaker ON/OFF for it to come out the correct speaker.

I just upgraded to Android 10. 8/256gb US model

I have done basic troubleshooting. Power cycle, safe mode, clear cache on phone app. Etc

Any other suggestions?

Hall of Fame III
Interesting. Do you happen to have T-mobile? We have 5z Android Q beta users with T-mobile that have the same issue

Star III
Indeed, I am on T-Mobile and also have a Mexican carrier Telcel. I have not tested to see if that sim card does fhe same thing

Star III
I just confirmed my Mexican sim card does not cause this issue. This is isolated to my T-Mobile phone calls coming in

Star I
Same issue here. Jumped on the update first day and during calls the person on the other end can not hear me unless I toggle speaker on/off. I'm on mint mobile which piggy backs off T-Mobile. Tried so many things including multiple factory reset just to have the same issue.

Star I
I have the same issue. When I receive a call in 9 of 10 cases I have to double tap Speaker icon so I could hear the person from earphone and not from the load speaker. Very annoying! Waiting for ASUS update. Everything was working fine before FOTA update.