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Android 10 bug : Smart key not working after update

Star III
After updating to Android 10, smart key feature doesnt seem to work. it worked seemlessly on previous update. I have updated though OTA and factory resetted phone after update.. Any solutions...?

Rising Star II
Its working for me, try to restart the device

Star III
i have done all that, but its still not working. its not hardware issue, i am sure because i do have a folder in home screen and when i press smart key, it selects that folder and opens it. so it is a bug... can any one help me to report this bug to devs..? thank you

Star I
It's not working for me either after updating to Android 10.

Star III

We need to know if the button is dead or if there is something wrong in the software.

To check the first idea, go to Parameters, Assistance, Examination/Check, Test keys.

You'll have to press Volume +, Volume - and Smart Key.

If you pass the exam, then something is wrong between Smart key and the software, but the button is still alive.

*The procedure is also available with the .12345+= method.

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There isnt any problem with button, i have checked that through .12345+= method, its a pass. its purely a software bug.