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"Phone" audio channel is randomly very quiet

Star III

Asus Zenfone 10, Android 13, build WW_33.0220.0220.101

I have an issue with Zenfone 10 and its "phone" audio channel while on loud speaker mode. Every time the "phone" audio channel is being activated, it either goes into its normal "loud" mode, where everything seems fine, or it goes into its quiet mode, where everything is barely hearable, even on maximum volume. It also removes background noise.

I am testing this behaviour using the Philips Baby Monitor app, that uses the "phone" channel and makes the issue easy to reproduce, but I'm getting the same behaviour in other apps, like Google Meet, when I want to use it in loud speaker mode.

I recorded this behaviour on video and captured logs. Every time I'm refreshing the Baby Monitor app, it creates a new stream and requests access to the "phone" audio channel. Volume is set to max. Observe, that sometimes the audio is very loud and the background noise is easily hearable, but sometimes it gets completely quiet, and only a moment later it becomes barely audible. I had to move my video recorder closer to the speaker to show, that the audio is there, just really quiet.

Please take a looks into this issue, as it's very irritating ot have to refresh the stream, sometimes many times, before getting the audible volume.

I was unable to attach the logs directly, so both files are shared via Google Drive.


Video recording 



Hey @Skwara,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I have submitted the log and video to the R&D team. I'll get back to you once I have more information.