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Audio is always played via 2 speakers at the same time

Star I

So I've just noticed that when I star any audio content, it's played via 2 speaker at the same time(for calls and the one at the bottom) and I can't make it use only the bottom one. Maybe I didn't notice, but it feels like on android 13 it wasn't like this.

Monophonic sound doesn't help. Turning it on jus increases the volume level in the top speaker. Maybe that's good for gaming, but that's not the case.


Rising Star I

On Android 13 I used to get an occasional bug where ONLY one speaker would work until I rebooted.  It was mostly just the bottom one, sometimes just the top.

The intended behaviour, as far as I can tell, is for both speakers to play audio.

In landscape mode this also has a stereo effect where one is left and one is right.

Is it possible to force the usage of only bottom speaker?

Star III

Two speakers are always on when playing audio music.  There is no way to force only one short of taping over  one speaker. Sounds much better with both anyway. Curious why it matters. On speaker phone both play on my phone as well, I think it sounds much better that way.