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Phone audio from wrong speaker

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Whenever I recieve a phone call the callers audio comes out from the bottom speaker. I need to toggle speaker ON/OFF for it to come out the correct speaker.

I just upgraded to Android 10. 8/256gb US model

I have done basic troubleshooting. Power cycle, safe mode, clear cache on phone app. Etc

Any other suggestions?

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Sorry for the late response. Thank you for testing. I'll send this feedback to the software team.

Hi folks, is anyone else still seeing this behavior on T-Mobile after the latest update (1910.110)?

@satrapad @skylerwolfe @Yienhwua

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Sorry just got around to testing it. I rebooted the phone, called it from another line. The primary audio came out of the bottom speaker. Toggling the speakerphone "fixed" it.

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I have the same issue. When I receive a call in 9 of 10 cases I have to double tap Speaker icon so I could hear the person from earphone and not from the load speaker. Very annoying! Waiting for ASUS update. Everything was working fine before FOTA update.

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I have the same issue

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ok, just to be clear You're on the FW ending with 1911.110? Our devs want to be 100% sure this is the fw you're currently using.

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Indeed. I am on the latest firmware that was installed a couple weeks ago.

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Ok, then we need a log, I will PM you