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Asus 6Z - In Call settings

Asus 6Z, in call settings there is option ' vibrate when answered ' . I enabled it. But when I call some one, even the opposite side person answered, there is no vibration alert for me.Is it any software bug. ????

Let's come together to Send a collective Legal Notice

 I bought the zenfone 6z three weeks ago, and five days back it surprisingly crashed and then never turned on. As suggested in this forum i took the phone very next day to service center and from that day, my days of disappointment has started. Five ...

Twin apps issue

When is asus gng to fix whatsapp issue on twin app? I cant see any contacts and have tried so many things but doesnt work..!

Annoying Banner Bug.

Hi, i downloaded the full 1.86 GB firmware file and upgraded my device but since then an annoying banner keep popping up time to time saying 'Downloading system upgrade has been cancelled' to get rid of it i have to restart my device but if i again c...

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paras0710 by Rising Star II
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One hand mode tweaks

Hey there. While using the one hand mode I discovered that we cannot use it during games or videos.Now I don't really need it for videos. But let's take an example of pubg here. Sometimes, infact many times, during the edges of my fingers (the ones h...

Asus Z6 dead in just 5 days!

bought a brand new asus z6 and after 5 days its dead . NOT turning on ...no hard reset...over heating while charging...Is this your flagship z6?

SD card using for internal storage

When I try to use the sd card as a internal storage, I cannot find a way in asus 6z phone and I read a comment from here mentioned by Anders_ASUS. He said the policy is changed by google and it is not possible to use sd card as an internal storage in...

femc114 by Star I
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