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Game Genie needs serious improvements.

I was using Xiaomi Poco F1 and K20 Pro before making the switch to Asus 6z. The game booster on Miui is very polished and works flawlessly. However Gamegenie(Asus's iteration of Game booster) is extremely flawed and needs some serious works. The game...

GamerArc by Rising Star II
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Zenfone 6z is an Absolute Disaster

I purchased my zenfone 6z in the end of june and after a few day's of usage my phone kept crashing and restarting on it's own. I gave my phone to the service center located in borivali (mumbai), they said that the phone could not be repaired and they...

Anyone's 6z crashes or restarts

Hello my 6z keeps restarting after usage of sometimes. It kept happening since the last update. What may be the reason ? Anyone help ?? Have put lot of trust on this fone 

My mobile glass is broken

My mobile glass is broken ...and now comes under warranty is it changeable with some cost or it is free to change the glass's

Night light and Splendid issue

Really loving this phone so far, but has anyone else experienced an issue where turning on Night Light reverts the color setting in Splendid to the Wide Color Gamut setting? Currently I use the Standard color setting with Night Light set to turn on a...

Viewing photos in Google app, brightness changing

When viewing photos in Google photo app, the pictures pop up brighter, but while you slide to the next picture, normal brightness is restored, until the next picture is ready to be viewed, then that picture pops up brighter and do on...doesn't made a...

Moving apps and info to SD card

Hey all, Got my hot new Zenfone 6 yesterday. Loving it so far.Also purchased a spiffy new 400GB microSD card so I never have to worry about storage.But i'm having issues figuring out how to move apps and info the the SD card.Yes, I formatted it prope...

Airtel Volte

Anybody from Mumbai not getting volte on Airtel? Raised an issue with airtel but need to check if its software specific or operator issue.