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Issue after update

Please give an heaalthy update soon...my phone crashes again and again

Manan by Star II
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Major Problems I found in 6Z after 5 days of usage

1. Rattling Camera- The camera rattles whenever I keep the phone on my bed, table etc. Slight rattling is also there when i am tapping on the upper half of the phone. Asus gives a 'retract' option but it is pretty much useless since post retraction t...

GamerArc by Rising Star II
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Move files with a USB cable to win 10

Hiwhen I connect my phone to  win10 with USB cable I can't see my phone in my PCUSB debugging is onFile transfer mode was selected

Moosa by Star III
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Upper earpiece Speaker issue in Zenfone 6z

I m using Zenfone 6z and now I m facing a great issue that sometimes my upper earpiece speaker didn't work but when I reset or restart the phone it starts to work now this is happening after the update so please anyone suggest me the solution please ...

Manan by Star II
  • 24 replies
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Zenfone 6 Edition 30

Hello all!  I'm excited to get a Zenfone 6 now that they are on pre-order here in the US.  I'm very interested in the 30th anniversary edition of the phone.  Any word on availability and release of the  variant in the US?  I've got the 8GB/256GB vari...

Bluetooth app keeps crashing.

Hello After recent update, the Bluetooth keeps crashing and error message is given as shown in the screenshot. This issue persists with JBL flip 4 Bluetooth speakers. However it works fine with Sony SBH 80 earpiece. Please resolve this.


Hey Mods just wanted to know If we are getting ZenUI 6 on Zenfone 5 and 5Z cause the ZenUI 5 seems to have a lot of bloatwares and bugs. If not, could you guys forward this message to your tech team that Asus Zenfone 5z would be much better with the ...

Sum by Star I
  • 10 replies
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Slow internet speed

After second update net speed become very slow. On the other devices same network is working good.

Bluetooth battery icon

Hi, i do not see Bluetooth battery icon in status bar. Though same bluetooth shows up with battery icon in OnePlus 6T. Can somone advise how to enable bluetooth battery icon in status bar ?