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Smartphone video capabilities are often ignored. Reviewers should focus more on providing informatio

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As the title said, it blows my mind on how smartphone reviewers often neglect the video recording quality and features on smartphones. Video recording are literally the second part of a good camera, especially on smartphones. So why does people often ignore the videos capabilities and features on a smartphone?

I want to see how well the colour are produce on video. I want to see how well the stabilization, OIS & EIS, works. I want to see the video capabilities at night. How well does it fares in difficult lighting. How good are the microphones. Does it have stereo audio capabilities.

Does it support 4k60fps. How's the ultra wide angle lens video recording compared to the normal wide lense. How hot can the phone become when continuosly shooting a video. What extra features are baked-in the camera app. Does it support HDR10/HDR10+ recording. How good are the Slow Mo videos.

This applies to the front camera as well. How good is the video capabilities on the front cam. Does it have 4k recording (only Samsung and Asus have 4k front video recording as far as I'm aware of). How good is the stabilization. And etc.

For example, Google have a tap-focus feature to lock the focus and exposure on a moving subject. Sony have a 21:9 video taking mode to take professional cinema looking videos. Samsung have Super Steady Shot to have the most steady video shots on a smartphone, and with the new Note 10, it have a Zoom-In-Mic feature to block excess sound when zooming in on an object. Not to mention the Live Bokeh Videos on the Note 10+. But this are rarely been pointed out and possibly won't be thoroughly tested by smartphone reviewers.


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Nearly all your questions about ZF6 capabilities are covered in video reviews chronologically collected in this post: