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FLIP camera shaky problem

Hello everyone, Recently my FLIP camera started to be shaky. If I touch on the top of camera when closed, it shake up and down on the left side (where not motor). This make the camera do a strong "KNOCK / KLACK" sound when start to FLIP. Especially o...

danjib by Star I
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Google Messages 'Chat Features' setting up indefinitely

I have Version A (According to Gearbest) on Vodafone UK and I haven't been able to get chat features aka RCS working. Tried clearing storage and hitting that Retry button when it's available but nothing. Latest .174 update.

Image_ https___us.v-cdn.net_6031231_uploads_editor_fb_erh3d0sa0cb2.png
Supra by Rising Star I
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Asus 6Z very low call volume in crowded places

I'm from India with latest update installed. I'm not complaining about voice call quality when I'm in quiet places like home or office. But in outdoor conditions / public places I can't hear a single word from the call. I have tried all volume levels...


The Wide angle video is not clear and focus

Google Assistant gesture in Zenfone 6

I have enabled gesture navigation in my 6Z. The swipe up and hold gesture for Google Assistant works fine but the hold duration seems a bit long. Ideally it should be less than or equal to half a second of hold after swiping up but in reality the zen...

no videocalling inbuild

why asus 6z doesnt support video calling?today cheap phones like redmi 6a support this feature why this flagship phn doesnt?

ASUS Service Center Locations

I'm waiting on my new Z6 to ship and I just wanted to reach out and see where those of you with trouble are taking your ASUS Zenfone 6's.  I looked on the website and it looks like there are only 2 ASUS Service Centers in the entire USA and they are ...

T-Mobile USA Band 71?

Will T-Mobile USA Band 71 support be coming? Can existing ZenFone 6s be upgraded to use it?

RW by Star I
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Asus 6Z - In Call settings

Asus 6Z, in call settings there is option ' vibrate when answered ' . I enabled it. But when I call some one, even the opposite side person answered, there is no vibration alert for me.Is it any software bug. ????