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Asus 6Z very low call volume in crowded places

Star I
I'm from India with latest update installed. I'm not complaining about voice call quality when I'm in quiet places like home or office. But in outdoor conditions / public places I can't hear a single word from the call. I have tried all volume levels and held phone at different angles but that didn't help much.

Looks like it's design / hardware flaw and won't be able to fix it by software update. This is a serious issue and Asus should pull back all the 6Z phones to fix it. Intoducing flip camera is great but if makes earpiece unhearable then that's not acceptable.

Community Legend I
It sounds like you've tried some troubleshooting, but have you seen this page? 
The receiver might be a little higher than what you're used to, it's definitely higher than my daily driver.

Star II
Even i have same issue.@LP_ASUS. I had tried that thing also but that does not work.i think earpiece volume is too low .plz fix that problem.i am also from india

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Today i went to a very busy and noisy place and yes call volume is not acceptable. Do something.

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the only way to hear better is to turn the phone over and put your ear on the camera.  You will see that you hear a lot better