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Asus6z auto restart problem

Hi I bought Asus 6z on September 29 th 2019 from October 16 2019 it has been auto restarting , network signals also reconnecting , I had submitted mobile in Guntur ,Sri subham communication service centre on October 19th they had not provided any RMA...

Dark screen gesture, Media controls?

One thing I find myself waking the phone up for a lot is to pause music or skip to next song for example. Being able to do that by using the dark screen gestures would be neat.

Sar value

Am using max pro M1 i will purchase 6z but 6z has high sar value it affect brain

On behalf of all SEA region, WHEN Will ZENFONE 6 Be Available?

Asking on behalf for all countries in South East Asia, When are you guys planning to launch this phone or can we safely assume that Asus mobile is never going to launch this phone in South East Asia. Do you plan to launch zenfone 6 is SEA region thi...

alwor by Star II
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G cam 7 for asus 6z

Does anyone have link for Gcam 7 link for asus 6z which actually works on 6z? I am actually very excited about astrophotography.

Audio effects

I ve Asus 6z. It doesn't supports special sound effects (i.e.8d) sound effects on videos over youtube. At first i thought it may be problem of headphone jack but when i bought wireless headsets i realised that the audiowizard software prevents the ef...

Contacts Pictures

In the contacts app, the contacts list is not displaying the pictures. Any contacts app does show the pictures in all the phones I have seen. Why is ZEN UI not doing it or am I missing something??

dip_sur by Star I
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Bluetooth issue - Selfie stick remote not working

I tried to use a selfie stick (Huawei AF15) with ZF6. It connects ok, but the button on the remote doesn't take a photo nor start a video. I tried the same AF15 on my Samsung S8+ and it works well with that phone.It seems that when I press the remot...

Display freezes

At random, at least I did not observed yet a pattern leading to the display frozen. I am running my thumb like a crazy cat on a slippery surface without getting any result I simply reboot. It is extremely annoying, almost claustrophobic. Is there som...