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Dead Pixel?

I've had the phone for a few months, and I've always had dark colour scheme on, so I'm not sure when this occurred. Could this be dirt under my screen protector, wouldn't that definitely show a bubble?

Supra by Rising Star I
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Hi,Why is the optical Zoom results of the z6z not that gr8 compared to the other phones having same sensor?Can it be improved with software updates?

sankesh by Star III
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Asus 6 z issue

Voice calls are not clear.There is always some disturbance.Even the speakers are like the local Chinese mobiles...Kindly help me out.I have just bought this mobile but I am really depressed.Mob. *removed*DelhiIndia

How many days will take to replace motherboard

I bought Asus 6z on September 9 2019 and got delivered on October 5th 2019 from October 18 th 2019 it started auto restarting I submitted mobile on october 19 in Guntur Asus service centre they said we don't repair we will send to Bangalore , Till no...


After 1 month of waiting to buy a new phone, my screen broke after a crash and I have been waiting for a spare part to repair for a month which is unreal, I never want an ASUS phone again, customer support is at 0, it's crazy how they can sell this p...

kalmah by Rising Star I
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Dual 4g sim

Can anyone confirm..if this works..!!I have 2 sims ( vodafone and jio) i got a call on vodafone number but as i have enabled dual 4g..shouldnt my jio data work while me still on call from vodafone.So to make it clear..if i am on sim 2 call (vodafone...

Issues regarding my asus 6z

I see so many issues on the forum as ppl are complaining including me..! All active ppl are responding but i dnt see moderators and admins taking that much initiative or that much active on forum to resolve the issues..!Forget abt resolving the issue...

New color - Matte Black

New color in base ZF6 versions. Matte Black. Is it the same as in Edition 30 + blue logo? https://youtu.be/0IHHmTRx1Ss


Camera orientation bugs while recording video.

When I start recording a video and flip the camera manually the image doesn't flip upside down.It's understandable since it's in the middle of a video, the camera maintains that orientation until you stop recording.However, when I do it and rotate th...