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Refresh rate inconsistencies when using "auto" setting.

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When using the auto setting for the refresh rate it's just very inconsistent. 

It never goes beyond 90 hz, few apps like YouTube also maxed out at 60 hz, even if you're scrolling through the homepage.




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Same issue here on a Zenfone 10 with all the latest updates. Auto FPS seems mostly stuck in 90 Hz. Photos app falls back to 60 FPS and so do Signal and other apps. I haven't seen anything lowr than 60 FPS. Isn't this phone supposed to use 10 FPS in static screens to save battery?

I set it to 120 FPS and everything scrolls a lot smoother now.

Hope the auto setting can be fixed.

It only drops to 30Hz for AOD mode - the screen isn't LTPO.

Otherwise it is mostly at 90Hz, but YouTube is sadly limited to 60Hz even when scrolling. I understand for video as you don't need more than 60Hz when playing video as 60fps is the YouTube limit, but when scrolling it should be on 90Hz as a minimum.

I use auto to save on battery and because when it's on 90Hz (most cases), it is fine and not too noticeable vs. when it's 60Hz which isn't as nice, and between 90 and 120Hz there's not much in it (my old eyes are probably more of a bottleneck here than the screen itself).

RE: Google Photos, yes, that is frustratingly stuck on 60Hz. What I noticed when trying a slomo video is that the ASUS Gallery app is at 120Hz and shows 240fps videos slowed down properly, but the Google Photos app doesn't show any slowmo. REALLY odd.

I use Signal as my main messenger app so I use it a lot. I'll just set the phone to 90 FPS because 120 FPS indeed doesn't add much visually. 60 FPS is OK but 90 makes it feel buttery smooth.

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It didn't get fixed with the latest update that came today... 😕