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Random vibrations when waking up phone

When I wake up my unlocked phone by placing a finger on the power button sensor and pressing, it vibrates when the fingerprint is incorrect.However, the phone is unlocked so there is no reason for it to be looking for a fingerprint at all. I'm just w...

Zenfone 10 asking for pin every 3-4 times when unlocking

I have latest firmware WW/EU 33.0220.0220.5 with both face and fingerprint unlocking set up, I have selected the press only option to unlock the device but even so after every 3-4 times unlocking my device within an hour it requires my pin number?, I...

Where to get Zenfone 10 in Malaysia?

Been looking for this phone through Shopee and Lazada, none of the official store selling the phone. None in the physical shop as well. Seems like not much people knew about this phone here. Is there any recommendation of shop you guys knew or any wa...

fugio9 by Star I
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Fingerprint reader not working

I got my Zenfone 10 yesterday and haven't been able to get the fingerprint reader  to take a single reading. Both my finger and the reader are clean but it gives me the "fingerprint capture unclear" error or doesn't even seem to try. I'm enjoying eve...

zenphone 10 pocket mode not working

I bought a zenphone 10 and its working very fine but when am puting in my pocket , the screen will not shutdown and the screen will be  on till i shut it down manly with the power button  , keep in mind the pocked mode is on .can you advise please . ...

Question for US Zenfone 10 purchasers that are on T-Mobile

Hello,I used to be actually searching forward to this cellphone and have been dreaming of the day to get back to a Nexus five kind tool and this looks as if a pretty near comparison all matters considered. I was very excited to peer the information o...

Add time in seconds to the status bar, not just AM/PM.

Self explanatory. The Zenfone 10 is such a good phone, I would like to see seconds on the status bar clock. Everything else is just perfect. My OnePlus 6 had this, why doesn't the Zenfone?

SGHFan by Star III
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VoLTE Support on Canadian Carriers

I have the North American variant of the Zenfone 10, brand new, just arrived this week. Are there any plans or workarounds to enable VoLTE on the major Canadian carriers? My carrier has already whitelisted my device but it seems it is not able to com...

pxh3 by Star I
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Adaptive brightness

Zen-10.  16gig 512gb.    Build,  ww_33.0220.0220.52.  Android 13.  screen 90hz, eye protection on.Adaptive brightness is turned on.After being turned on (indoors), screen is dim, dim that i can barely see. need to manually increase brightness.   outd...