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Cannot select "always" when choosing an app to perform a task

Hello,Since a few weeks, I can't select "always" when choosing an app to perform a task, the button is grayed out. Problem already occured on Android 13 and continued on 14. Have someone already experienced it ? Do you have an idea on how to solve? T...


Will there be a Zenfone 11?

What are the chances that there will be a sequel next year? Or is Asus ready to cut its loses and go back to making laptops and PC components?

dackr16 by Star I
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New Flash notification

Very happy about Flash notifications (and screen lit) feature from new Android 14 release, really missed it from my old Xiao phone.However, is it possible to tweak it or add option to work only when phone is locked?As now, when you hold phone in hand...

Ershin by Star III
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Android 14 is really disappointing

It's unbelievably disappointing , almost no change. No lockscreen customization no new clocks,no new always on display customizations, same front camera low quality noise issues! 1. Android 14 should bring lock screen customizations with new clocks a...

M_K_E by Star II
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annoying notification every time I connect my headphones

Hello,I have a little problem that's a bit annoying in the long run.I listen to a lot of music, and every time I turn on my headphones and they connect to my ZF10, there's a "Qualcomm aptX Adaptive" notification that produces a sound, which is partic...

Screenshot_20231227-221139_ASUS_Launcher (1).jpg Screenshot_20231227-231428_Settings.jpg

Screen goes off when playing voice messages

When I try to play a voice message outside the house, I don't really want everyone listening in and blasting it on speakers.So I lower the volume but whenever I try to lift my phone close to my ear to hear it, the screen goes black and the message st...

Ringtones - Song Name, Artist, Full version

Hello,Zenfone 10 comes with some ringtones preinstalled. Where can i find the actual song name, artist and full version of each of these ringtones?Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music?I've tried Shazam on "BluePiano" ringtone, for instance, and it didn't re...

kon31 by Star I
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At A Glance Widget

Hi Asus. Can you give us the option or can you change the size of the At A Glance Widget? The size of the At A Glance Widget is too big for a 5.9"  screen, it just doesn't look good and in my opinion the size is exaggerated.  

berto35 by Rising Star II
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