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4/5/2024 Security Update already!

Rising Star I

I have at times been vocal of Asus, specifically because of lack of updates,  but today I received another update with the April 2024 security update.  Nicely done.  Some consistency would be appreciated but I'm impressed this time around.   Thanks for the effort.  Please keep it up!  @Laura_ASUS  @Mansi_ASUS 


Star III

Also got it and wasn't expecting it. Had recently updated to the March security update. Up to date now. Nice for a change. be nice if this was the "NEW" Asus.

Star III

I'm about to buy Zen 10. Any problems after this update?

I'm especially after battery life.

I don't have any issues at all. Battery is still just as good as it was on day one. I only charge to 80% because I'm planning on keeping this phone a long time and want to keep the battery in as good a shape as possible for that amount of time. By the end of the day I generally have 40% or more. If you are a power user and watch videos all day long your results will be different.

None yet but I also haven't had the issues in the forums; so far so good.  No change in battery.   Just know that they have not been consistent in their updates, if that is important, might not go for it.  We went four months without one and than two of them happened back to back.